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Postpone Windows 10 Upgrade but Stay Current on Updates

It has been nearly six months since Microsoft started downloading and upgrading computers to Windows 10 for free. However, there are many are us who are not interested in the upgrade or have older computers which may not be compatible with Windows 10. Here are some tips on how to stay current with other Windows updates but avoid the Windows 10 automatic upgrade.

How to Turn Off the Windows 10 Update

Navigate to Windows Update

Tip – In IE choose Tools, Windows Update, or in Windows 7/8 do a search on Windows Update

Click Show All Available Updates

Windows Update 2

Click the Link for Optional Updates

Uncheck the link for Upgrade to Windows 10 Home

Optional Updates 2

Cindy’s Experience with Windows 10

Just in case you are curious what I did:

As a consultant I have two computers and I decided to upgrade my newest computer to Windows 10. Instead of joining the crowd and doing it the first week it was released, I waited about a month.  The upgrade process went fairly smoothly except I had to keep returning to my computer to make sure I had answered any questions and to make sure it was still running.  I opted for the option to be able to roll back if needed. After the upgrade, I found several things I liked including Cortana, automatic updating, and the Edge browser. However, I also found several things I did not like such as unable to do face sign in, inability to run in IE mode and problems with my video driver.  I am using a Toshiba Satellite P55W and my laptop was only 6 months old when I did the upgrade. While using Windows 10, I discovered that every time Microsoft pushed an automatic update, my ability to extend to a second monitor or projector would break. After working with Toshiba, I discovered my only option was to reinstall my video driver in compatibility mode every time. After working with Windows 10 for several weeks, I determined that in order to be productive, I had to roll back to Windows 8.1.  That process went better than expected and I am happy that Microsoft offered this option.

My tips for you – when you upgrade be sure that you can be available to continually check on the computer and be sure that you have at least a week to configure and test it doing your “daily activities” to make sure it works as planned.  Also, mark a note in your calendar so you know how much time you have to roll back if needed (mine expired in 30 days).

Good luck all.


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